Python PIP Installation on windows  


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11/10/2017 5:50 pm  

Installation Guide PIP on Windows

1. execute command prompt.

2. download '' as below.

if wget shouts ssl error, you should check the version of wget, maybe,  1.11.4.
if so, you have to get latest another wget version 1.19.1 here.
3. execute as below

that's it.

you could find the files of pip at '<%PYTHON_HOME%>\lib\site_packages\pip' folder.

Ok. From now on, you could install packages with pip as such

c:\>python -m pip install <%python package name%>
for example, if you wish python package 'frida' with pip for pentesting android device app, 
that's just simple as such c:\>python -m pip install frida
If you encountered error as image below, run command window as administrator.
* python 2.7.9 package contains already pip module. So, just install python 2.7.9 if you need pip module at 2.7.x version.
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