MailPlus Installation on Synology NAS  


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1. If you have already installed mail server & mail station, you should stop mail server and mail station running on your synology nas station. If not, the synology nas device will complain that "mail server and (or) station is running".

2. go to [package center] and locate the MailPlus Server, afterthen install MailPlus Server.

3. After finishing the installation of MailPlus Server, open MailPlus server Package just installed.

4. By 3th step, you may or should show the Dialog 'MailPlus Server Setup Wizard'.

5. If you have already mail server and you want or neet to migrate previous mail server setting and mail data, you have to check second item. If don't need to migrate old mail system, select the first item.

6. Here, as I need to migrate old mail system on synology nas, I proceeded to select the second item for migration about mail system setting and mail data.

7. At here, Select the source you want to migrate the data from and check 'Migrate setting and all mails'.

If you wish delete the mails in original Mail Server package, check 'Delete the mails  in original Mail Server packages.

8. The wizard may show the dialog 'Summary' for new MailPlus Server setting.

9. Finally apply the mail server setting as showed 'Summary'

10. Now, Let's install MailPlus Station. go to [Package Center] and locate MailPlus and install.

11. After installed MailPlus, that package will be running automatically.

12. Here, you have to do another setting the privilege and activation for MailPlus.

the privileges: [Control Panel][Privileges], locate the 'MailPlus' in the list and Select 'MailPlus', afterthat Click the 'Edit' button in the left-upper. So, grant the privilege to an account using email system separately.

Activation: [Package Center], locate the 'MailPlus Server' and open 'MailPlus server'. So, Select 'Account' item in left list. Here you should activate an account to use MailPlus. That'it.

13. Go to [Package Center], locate 'MailPlus' and click 'Open' button, what's happening? Ok?

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